What Happens Next?

You have checked out my website and my testimonials, you are happy to have me conduct your ceremony, what to do next?

  • Call me and make an appointment for an interview.
  • Please bring with you, your original birth certificates and if you have them, passports and driver’s licences. Also, if applicable, any divorce papers.
  • At the interview you will need to sign a Notice of Intention to Marry which will be witnessed by me. By law this Notice must be signed one month before the date of the wedding.
  • At this meeting I will discuss with you the type of ceremony you feel happiest with, be it formal, lighthearted, serious, short or simple.
  • I will hand you many written options and suggestions for wording, readings, vows and ring exchanges. You may take these away with you to peruse at your leisure as there is a lot to think about.
  • Unless you need to come back again, we can probably achieve what is necessary with one visit, the rest can be done via email.
  • With your input I prepare a draft ceremony and email it to you both for any changes.
  • I am always available for a rehearsal the day before the wedding and on that day you can supply me with your chosen music if you wish me to play it for you on my PA system.
  • On your wedding day I will arrive at least a half an hour beforehand to check on last minute arrangements. Then on with the ceremony.
  • We sign the documents prepared by me and that is it, consider yourselves then married!!!
  • After the wedding I will send all completed paperwork to the NSW Births Deaths and Marriages Department, enabling you to then apply for your legal Certificate of Marriage which will be posted to your address, usually within two to three weeks.